Today I will present you the games from the Alien universe and I will try to find out if any is worth the name of Alien and the first Alien movies’ atmosphere.

Let’s have a small history overview with some dates:

First Alien was released in 1979 – did you know it? Aliens (the second one in Alien universe) was released in 1986.  Alien 3 is from 1992 and Alien Resurrection is from 1997. There is also one prequel, which is not relevant to our excursion to Alien games, but for the reference I will mention it here. It is a prequel to Alien quadrilogy – Prometheus from 2012. Personally my best of best is Alien and Aliens.

So, you know them and watched them? I am pretty sure yes. But, have you watched them lately? No, then get your ass to your TV and watch the extended editions from blu-ray.  You do not have them on blu-ray? Shame on you and get a copies from amazon or ebay.

Alien movie

So now we will get back to the games. It is already a habit to have a game made from the successful movie. But usually – do not lie to yourself – it is an expensive garbage.  I will not mention the Alien games for 8bit or 16bit computers as they are out of our interest in this post. Let me show you the small overview with the marks for each game:

Alien Trilogy (1996) – 8/10

Alien: Resurrection (2000) – 5/10

Alien: Colonials Marines (2013) – 4.5/10

Alien: Isolation (2014) – 8.5/10

I mentioned only pure Alien games, no versus predator.  But is any of this game worth get it and play it? Let’s ask ourselves what we expect from the Alien game. I personally do not expect the shooter, this movies were not about shooting, about pure and strait-forward action, but it was horror, isn’t it? The best description is survival horror. Hmm, from the perception of Alien: Colonials Marines and as it is action, we can exclude it. First two titles are  pretty old and are for Playstation (who has these days the old playstation?). So what we have here left? Alien: Isolation. It is pretty new game. It was released for PC, PS4, Xbox One, xbox 360 and PS3. Hmmm, the perception of critics and reviews is also very positive. Genre is survival horror. So let’s see if it is worth buying and playing it. Maybe the first real Alien game with the atmosphere of the movie?

Alien: Isolation’s main character is Amanda Ripley. Do you remember the scene from Aliens, where Ripley is woken up after 75 years and she get information about her daughter? No? In that case stop reading and watch the extended version now! The place is the space station Sevastopol. And you are not alone there. The atmosphere is pretty scary like from the beginning, you will be scared by the various noises. Suspicious noises, like lock on the automatic door, the noise from the hot steam, ventilation system. And there will be Alien, you will not seen him much, but you will have shit in your pants that is what I guarantee you. Yes this is the right Alien game for me. This is what we wanted. This is what we – the fans of first Alien – dreamed of.  And now I can tell that buying of PS4 was not wrong. So if you really want to live the Alien atmosphere, get this one.