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The incredible machine – game presentation

I love puzzles and as a kid I was building up the various “machines” and their function usually to start up something by the small ball or start the chain reaction – fall down the domino. This was pretty fun that days to watch the small ball doing something you wanted. And sometimes it was really crazy, sometimes even dangerous :) And for such kids there is the game called The incredible machine without risking your cat or worse. This game was revolutionary and set up its own game genre. It was released in 1992 and one of the first games that could be controlled by the mouse. It’s creator is Jeff Tunnel. This is how this crazy construction game looks like:

incredible machine

The good news is that you can download it for free here. It is a link to the But back to topic – incredible machine was and is one of the most innovative games ever and come with lot of missions you have to complete using your fantasy and brain. It starts with the simple ones and comes to the more and more complicated. You can start in sandbox to see how it works. Be aware that there are the natural laws in place like gravity or air pressure. But these are changing from time to time for more fun. As you can see from the screenshot it is not an ordinary construction game, you see explosive, gun, cat, fish in the tank, ladders. There are even monkeys, mice and bowling balls. Fun as hell to hit the monkey with the bowling ball to see it it can shoot down the cat. And what is more important this game brings you possibility to construct you own machines with no limitation and with no mission to follow. So what do you think? Is it worth a try to build up something crazy?

There is also the second and third part of Incredible machine. If you do not want to search for this game yourself and to make it work, you can buy it at as a whole package for less than 10 usd. Come and build up something incredible, then post the comment  with the link to youtube and I will add it here.

Tapped Out Hack is still best from Simpsons Game Series for now

The Simpsons Tapped Out  Hack is a free game available for Android and Apple platforms. (Sorry for this Windows phone users.) The game requires a data connection, no data or wifi means no game.  There are some hack tools available like THIS , but i think they doesn’t work. The idea behind this game is to complete tasks, or “quests” to unlock the Simpson’s characters and build your town. The control feature of this game is simply tapping your screen, hence the “Tapped Out Hack” part of Simpsons Tapped Out Hack. This game can provide a lot of on the go entertainment, but there are some key things you need to know about, before you run off to download it.

Tapped Out Hack

Tapped Out Hack will help you

The Simpsons Tapped Out Hack is completely free to download and play, but there are in app purchases you can buy to advance faster. Donuts are the thing that can be purchased ingame with real money. You can use donuts to finish tasks and unlock certain “premium” characters and buildings, or decorations for your town. Donuts can also act as ingame currency, if you’re a few coins short of buying that building or land expansion use a donut. Donuts can be earned for free by leveling up and as rewards for some tasks. So, you don’t necessarily have to pay for them, if you’re willing to take the slow route to your goal.

Tapped Out Hack

As you progress in game the wait time for tasks increases significantly. Starting out a mere seconds to finish and ultimately reaching a point where it may take several days to finish. This is all well and good if you’re using donuts, or don’t mind the wait. But, for some of us patience is a virtue we’re lacking in.

Tapped Out Hack

With these points in mind, if you’re a Simpsons fan, or if you’re just looking for a new game, this game is worth looking into. It’s guaranteed to have you laughing, with its off the wall tasks and comical style of narrative. It is constantly being updated and the developers are quick to smash the bugs and sort out the glitches. So, what are you waiting for? Go start your journey of rebuilding Springfield.

Castle Clash – How Game Looks After 1 Year


Castle Clash After One Year

I’m sure everyone from you, who is playing games on smartphone devices already played Castle Clash. This online game was released exactly 1 year ago and it gets lot of players around the world. I recall how I was playing it for first days and it was a big fun. Anyway, it’s a year ago and we will have a look how this game looks today. There are some tricks reported from users, as tool called Castle Clash Hack , but I personally don’t believe it’s working and mostly likely such tools are finished with paid survey and they will provide you nothing in the back.

Big marketing was started from IGN,  the game was recommended on Apple and Google mobile stores. Castle Clash was for free for everyone.  This was exactly reason, why Castle Clash gets so popular in the gamer community. As the game is a classic strategy, where you have to gather resources, make strong army and defeat enemies it wasn’t something, which we don’t know yet. Anyway, a big marketing was the only the success of this game.

Nowadays I had a little check how many people are still interested in this game. The main base of active players is somewhere around 9 millions, which is, I think, after 1 year and no more marketing excellent result.  Of course, it has decreased by half from the time when the game was released. This is fully normal, as every title is replaced by newer game and only big fans are staying to play Castle Clash forever.


What was reason for Castle Clash to be popular ?

As i mentioned already, it was a big marketing. iOS AppStore and Android Market recommended this game to all of us, no fees, free game led to the fact that everybody loved it. But there was still an interesting thing. With special creatures called Heroes, this game was mixture of Might and Magic and World of Warcraft. As both of those games are really popular for years, it wasn’t so hard to continue playing Castle Clash, especially if main point of strategy games was clear for everybody and additional creatures were well known from other games. One thing which I don’t see a good on this game is , that for special Hero creatures you have to obtain lot of resources and they are very hard to be gathered in game. In this case developer IGN was very smart and they offer you to pay by real money the additional credits. As far as I know, this created a big income for IGN and this was exactly reason, why this game was released for free. Once Castle Clash will catch you, you will pay them for additional game resources and you will buy Heroes.

Is  fine to pay for “virtual game currency”  ?

CNN has reported an accident with Castle Clash game in UK. The whole story is related to 11 years old kid, who typed into Android Store credit card of his father. During the time of playing ( around  6 months ) this kid paid to IGN over Android Store around 11k pounds ( 12,5k USD ) for game resources. According to IGN it was all within the law and they haven’t  refunded a cent back to this credit card.  I don’t believe, that any parent, who will miss 11k pounds from credit card will not discover what is going on. Especially in times, when you are receiving emails, text messages from bank with any kind of transfer, I don’t believe this father doesn’t knew about it. Not sure, if there was a law suite for this, but I’m starting to have a feeling that father itself paid for credit and he is telling that it was his son.

What does it mean for us ?

It means Castle Clash is still good strategy game with lot of users around. But you have to take care, once game will eat all of your free time, you can finally spend a lot of real money for virtual money. And I don’t think it’s good investment, especially in current world.

Wolfenstein: The New Order

It is time for a review of a quite new game. Today I will focus on a new Wolfenstein game.

wolfensteinYou like shooters? So you remember Wolfenstein 3D, the remake of Castle Wolfenstein (1981), which removed stealth and managing resources and put the base of the 1st person shooters? Yes, it is 22 years now from the release of Wolfenstein – the father of the 1st person shooters. And in fact this game’s influence is still strong and present in nowadays shooters. Funny, isn’t it? It took almost 10 years to get a new Wolfenstein. It was Return to Castle Wolfenstein from 2001. Then others came: Wolfenstein: Enemy territory (2003) and Wolfenstein (2009).  The successors were a slight better or avarage games with focus on multiplayer.  But I want a robust story, which can start up my imagination, in other words I am not interested in multiplayer, but in robust single player.

So what is new Wolfenstein trying to give us? Oh, it is a lot. After fiasco with Duken Nuken Forever, I was quite sceptic, if I will ever play a good oldschool 1st person shooter. But, believe it or not, it is here. Storyline starts when you wake up and find out that not Nagasaki was nuked, but Time Square. But you are B.J. Blazowicz and even 16 years in the madhouse you have ugly square face and muscle like Arnie in his best years. And what more, you have experience with such things. So as you see there is an alternate history build up from scratch. And we all do love alternate history, especially when it is connected to the World War II. The game design is perfect, the humour is on a high level and the creativity is not missing. The perfect graphics hand in hand with the alternate world, which is detailed and the storyline about the ancient artefacts made this a A game. In fact the storyline is like from a C grade movie, but authors of the game were able to server this story, including the Nazi concentrations camps, the US anti-nazi resistance together with romance and the straightforward shooter into one nice product, where the story is server in the RIGHT moment and by the RIGHT method.  I think that even the best storyline games can be jealous.  This is one part of puzzle. The next one is the brilliant future world (yes future as this is the another timeline), where the Nazi won the war by mastering the electricity and the science went another way than we know it. So you will be surprised that under the red flag there will be robotic dogs, robots and mad scientists marching. Don’t forget the super futuro-weapons.


The new ideas are server until the very last moment to the great finale. So you will not be bored at all. And if you are fan of the old school 1st person shooters, here it is. And we all do love shooting Nazis, don’t we? One thing to notice: Albert Speer was the Nazis main architect during WWII and he planned to build a magnificent huge building in Berlin. Checked the old pictures on google about it and compare to the corridors and places in this game. And that storyline….

Games from the Alien universe

Today I will present you the games from the Alien universe and I will try to find out if any is worth the name of Alien and the first Alien movies’ atmosphere.

Let’s have a small history overview with some dates:

First Alien was released in 1979 – did you know it? Aliens (the second one in Alien universe) was released in 1986.  Alien 3 is from 1992 and Alien Resurrection is from 1997. There is also one prequel, which is not relevant to our excursion to Alien games, but for the reference I will mention it here. It is a prequel to Alien quadrilogy – Prometheus from 2012. Personally my best of best is Alien and Aliens.

So, you know them and watched them? I am pretty sure yes. But, have you watched them lately? No, then get your ass to your TV and watch the extended editions from blu-ray.  You do not have them on blu-ray? Shame on you and get a copies from amazon or ebay.

Alien movie

So now we will get back to the games. It is already a habit to have a game made from the successful movie. But usually – do not lie to yourself – it is an expensive garbage.  I will not mention the Alien games for 8bit or 16bit computers as they are out of our interest in this post. Let me show you the small overview with the marks for each game:

Alien Trilogy (1996) – 8/10

Alien: Resurrection (2000) – 5/10

Alien: Colonials Marines (2013) – 4.5/10

Alien: Isolation (2014) – 8.5/10

I mentioned only pure Alien games, no versus predator.  But is any of this game worth get it and play it? Let’s ask ourselves what we expect from the Alien game. I personally do not expect the shooter, this movies were not about shooting, about pure and strait-forward action, but it was horror, isn’t it? The best description is survival horror. Hmm, from the perception of Alien: Colonials Marines and as it is action, we can exclude it. First two titles are  pretty old and are for Playstation (who has these days the old playstation?). So what we have here left? Alien: Isolation. It is pretty new game. It was released for PC, PS4, Xbox One, xbox 360 and PS3. Hmmm, the perception of critics and reviews is also very positive. Genre is survival horror. So let’s see if it is worth buying and playing it. Maybe the first real Alien game with the atmosphere of the movie?

Alien: Isolation’s main character is Amanda Ripley. Do you remember the scene from Aliens, where Ripley is woken up after 75 years and she get information about her daughter? No? In that case stop reading and watch the extended version now! The place is the space station Sevastopol. And you are not alone there. The atmosphere is pretty scary like from the beginning, you will be scared by the various noises. Suspicious noises, like lock on the automatic door, the noise from the hot steam, ventilation system. And there will be Alien, you will not seen him much, but you will have shit in your pants that is what I guarantee you. Yes this is the right Alien game for me. This is what we wanted. This is what we – the fans of first Alien – dreamed of.  And now I can tell that buying of PS4 was not wrong. So if you really want to live the Alien atmosphere, get this one.




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